Virgin Media Throttling While Advertising Unlimited Bandwidth

One with the biggest ISP (Online Service Provider) in the UK is Virgin Media, because it is acquisition of Virgin Media's online services, and adoption of it's name, it's now called Virgin Media (Virgin Media Broadband for all those around the cable network, and Virgin Media Beyond cable for those on ADSL), but it is in impact the same organization that was referred to as Ntlfreedom and Ntlworld.

Ntlfreedom formerly Ntlworld Beyond broadband and broadband solutions are inside the red to the tune of several millions, as with any acquired business with a very big deficit cutbacks have to be produced to recoup that loss.

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As of 2007 Virgin Media have started throttling its ADSL and cable customers, it claims that apparently 5% of its users use 95% with the sources, and throttling its customers speeds to some extent no better than dial-up could be the best case situation for all involved.

As expected they have been an uproar that customers are paying for an unlimited broadband service only to possess it restricted in usage, Virgin Media still claims its broadband advertised continues to be unlimited, nonetheless that argument doesn't hold a great deal ground, in that dial-up is still limitless, but what exactly is the point of waiting per week for any download, which is in effect what several Virgin ADSL prospects that have undergone STM (Subscriber Site visitors Management) are lowered to. It can be the equivalent of getting purchased a prime of the variety sports auto, and you are told if you use that major with the variety sports car or truck between the hours of 4pm and midnight on a week day, and among the hours of 10 within the morning and midnight Saturdays and Sundays (which let's face it truly is the optimum time to use that sports automobile), you're going to be penalised by obtaining to walk for the rest with the entire week simply since you made use of what you paid for.

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What makes matters much more insulting is that for ADSL Virgin Media clients around the up to 8MB ADSL package, it could take much less than 20 mins to download 350MB on a reasonably superior day, this apparently will be the cut-off mark (albeit the precise clarification of when this cut-off mark is initiated is not clear, there is certainly no official documentation on Virgin Media's terms of service or on their internet site to clarify what specifically is excessive usage) to identify no matter if you get throttled or not.

So applying your unlimited broadband package for 20 mins per day means you are going to be decreased to dial-up speeds for the rest of the following week. Unless needless to say you chose to perform your downloads in the early hours and only download thereafter, and don't operate for the duration of a functioning day, since that apparently would be the only time their throttling/bandwidth STM (Subscriber Targeted traffic Management) does not apply.
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