The Dragon's Journey by Duy Long Nguyen and James Knight

HarperCollins very first published 'The Dragon's Journey', by Duy Long Nguyen and James Knight, in 2004.

As a five year old Duy Lengthy Nguyen (Longy) saw the death and destruction in the Vietnam war. When a teen, he ruled the streets of Saigon, and soon after escaping Vietnam on a boat he started a new life in Australia as a refugee. Longy at some point went on to work with his present to heal, treating a few of the most potent people in the world. The foreword towards the Dragon's Journey was written by Rupert Murdoch and Frank Lowy.

Brief outline:

Longy had achieved several points by the time he was 15. He was accepted as a member of a primitive hill tribe, trained by South Korean masters in taekwondo, attaining his black belt at ten and hunted alongside combat seasoned soldiers. Longy had also witnessed the death and destruction in the war initially hand, seeing for himself the aftermath from the Tet offensive.

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Moving with his family to Saigon, Longy quickly gained a powerful reputation with his back street brawling and he took command of his own black-market gang at 14 years of age. Longy sooner or later escaped Vietnam with his brothers and sisters, on a small-overcrowded boat. Immediately after surviving an attack by pirates, they had been rescued from their sinking boat by a Japanese tanker. Longy and his loved ones stayed in Japan for any quick time, where he attained his black belt in Karate. Longy later immigrated to Australia.

In Sydney Longy faced racism and numerous other challenges as he struggled for acceptance. He survived, when shot 3 instances at Sydney's Chinatown and helped the New South Wales Police Force expose corruption from inside their ranks.

Longy redirected his focus on his instinctive present for healing. He was introduced to therapeutic healing by the Jarai mountain persons in central Vietnam as a 5 year old. It was there he 1st learnt the usage of pressure points to heal. His strategies had been developed more than lots of years from masters in Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and Hong Kong. He has studied herbs and all-natural remedies, Thai therapies, acupressure, acupuncture and reflexology.

Within the following years, Longy became a therapist for the Australian rugby league test group and State of Origin series. Longy was on set for the 3 Matrix films, helping Keanu Reeves recover from a neck injury and prepare him for the fighting sequences. He also helped Carrie-Anne Moss, Laurence Fisbourne and Hugo Weaving prepare for the martial arts and action scenes.

Other celebrity consumers include Pat Rafter, Linford Christie, Anthony Mundine, Elle Macpherson and Megan Gale and quite a few international sports stars.

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Excerpt from the foreword by Rupert Murdoch and Frank Lowy, 2004.

"Longy's life can be a study on the instances, indeed a journal of recent history. War, death, politics, violence, crime, refugees, integration, racism... he has dealt with each and every in his own special manner...Longy is a remarkable human being..."
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