Which sorts of factor engineer need to pay more attention for the installation of color sorter?

May 12, 2014-China-Color Sorter is the sorting machine which could reject the different color particles in granular materials based on the difference optical properties between sorting materials and the photoelectric detection technology. This machine has a wide range of applications for grain, food, paint and chemical industries. As this kind of machine is very useful and helpful for many industrial producing, the installation for this machine needs to have any strictly requirements. Today, the editor from www.color-sorting-machine.com which is the famous China manufacturer and supplier for this machine will tell people these requirements.

Installing Site Requirement

The color Sorter installation site should be flattered and sturdy. The installed platform for color sorter should not have any strong vibration sources or machines such as polishing machine and rice grading sieve. Before the installation of Color sorter, the hoist is should be better installed first which is to prevent the welded or hard objects falling damage the color sorters. On the other hand, the installing for compressor and tank must be away from the crowd which purpose is to reduce the noise, pollution or other possible injuries.

Environmental Requirements

Just like the common household appliances, the Plastic color sorter requires an ambient temperature which arrange from zero degree to forty degrees. So, the editor from color-sorting-machine.com recommend workshop and factory need to built air-conditioned rooms for color sorter machine at high temperature area and built conservatory for this machine at low-temperature region. This could help them keep the normal working temperature for this machine.

Lighting requirements

The outside lighting environment will cause into directly affect to the sorting effect of color sorter. In the installation process, the engineer need to avoid to installing this machine at the place where has very glare light. Of course, this machine also needs to have enough light to be able to operate and maintain safeguards itself.

Maintenance space

In the installation process for color sorter machine, people must leave enough space to debug and maintain color sorter. The editor recommends to leave maintain space around this machine.

Requirement for grounding line

The Ground Line of the color sorter machine could help to avoid damage caused by lightning from sky or electricity leakage wounding accident caused by improper operation of the operator. The editor recommends that customers need to well bury the grounded line before the welding for the platform. In order to avoid interference the color sorter machine must have a separate ground wire which the grounding resistance must not be greater than 4¦¸.

By carefully checking and attention for all factors above, people could let their color sorter have very good operation.

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Color sorter or called color sorting machine from color-sorting-machine.com could better sort material by colors, remove impurity and increase the value of material. Their color sorting machinse have already been widely used in food industry, mineral industry and plastic recycling industry

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