Origin of characteristics of the famous Hip-Hop clothing style

May 13, 2014-USA-Hip-Hop cloth style was originated from America African. Maybe most of Hip-Hop fans should have the same puzzle-why the black Hip-Hoper wears larger size clothes and why there are many graffiti on their huge size clothes? Today, the editor from famous Fashion Sweatpants For Men shop fusion108.com will help each fans the answer about this question.

In the early time of last century, the America African family always had large number of people and very little income. In this case, in order to save money, the clothes of bog brother will be worn by their small brother. That is why most of black men in America at that time always wear huge size clothes. With the creating of Hip-Hop, the huge size clothes such as T-shirt and pants have been brought into this music style. For the reason why there is graffiti on the Hip-Hop cloth, it could be concluded that the graffiti could be the gang signs between different streets of the America local regions. With the development of the Hip-Hop, this gang signs gradually become one kind of America folk art.

During the old time, America African had been regarded as second-class citizens of this country. That is why most of them were very poor at that time. These large and wide pants clothes could not only help the black children wear them for a relatively long period of time but also the older brother can leave their clothes to their younger brothers. As the introduction of editor from famous Fashion Sweatpants For Men fusion108.com, these huge size clothes and pants can also help these black people hide gun and Poison. From here, people could find that the HIP-Hop culture is one kind of very complicated thing.

However, the large size is not wholly features of the Hip-Hop wearing and dressing style. Among all HIPHOP wearing style, it could be mainly divided into the style of east coast and west coast.

The East Coast style of Hip-Hop wearing mainly distributed around the New York area. As this kind of wearing style belong to mainstream of Hip-Hop wearing style, they gradually adjust the brand strategy and design style so that the east coast Hip-hop style pay more attention to exquisite sense. Before the Hip-Hop career taking off, these black Hip-Hoppers were very poor and they usually wear their huge size clothes. However, after their success in their career, they begun to buy diamonds, gold, silver and other jewelry to making up their former poor period of time. For this point, the east and west coasts style are the same. Compared with the West Coast, the East Coast style was very gorgeous

For the west coast Hip-Hop wearing style, it could be concluded that this style just like California¡¯s hearty, sprightly and freedom. They pay more attention to the graffiti on the clothes. The graffiti on their clothes could help to communicate their own outlook and personality.

At Last, editor from www.fusion108.com hope this article could help each people know enough about the Hip-Hop wearing culture.

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