Four normally displaying modes of the useful Bird's Eye View parking system

May 13, 2014-China-Main components and parts of Around View Park for Toyota Prado system from mainly include the core image processing unit and four wide-angle cameras. Typically, the left and right cameras will be installed in the left and right side of car mirrors and then the front and back cameras will be installed in the front and the rear bumper. Depending on the different car model and outside shade, the appearance of the camera and the specific installation location of these cameras will be varied. However, no matter how different of the location of cameras on different types of car, the image displaying on the inner LCD screen should be normally the same type.

As each insider know, the video from Around View Monitor system can be outputted to one separate LCD screen and the video outputting can also be achieved by the initially installed car DVD. The editor from introduce that the outputting video of this system could be divided into four modes which could be applied into different scenarios.

Panoramic viewing pattern

When the Around View Park system is just started and the car is in the condition of normal driving, the LCD screen will be operated into this outputting mode. The Panoramic view will display areas by the front, rear, left and right of the car. Driver could clearly see the surrounding situation of his car.

Bird eyes viewing mode

This mode of the Around View Park system should be the key factor of this technology. When the driver start the reverse gear, the LCD display into the car will be forced to display the video into thus mode. This aerial viewing mode will clearly show with people the bird's-eye view display zone of front, back, left and right side of the car.

Left and right viewing mode

In this mode, the around View Monitor could help each drive better conform the distance between their car¡¯s sides and the outside obstacles. It could help each driver security drive through the crowed street and road. When the driver start to turn left and right, this mode will be automatically started.

Single side image enlarge mode

This mode could help each driver precision confirm the surround condition in the car parking process. According to customer needs, consumers could freely switch into the enlarging vide of front, back, left and right side of the car to clearly see the road condition.

In the near future, this car parking system from will also be added into many other useful features and functions which could help each vehicle driver get very unique driving experience.


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