Frozen process could help to better save valuable nutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables

May 10, 2014-Russia-Recently, the official website of Homeway Foods which is China famous frozen fruits supplier reported that frozen processed vegetables and vegetables may be more beneficial than fresh one as they may contain more additional vitamins and minerals which could help to prevent the formation of cancer cells. This is because these elements in the frozen fruits have a high content of antioxidants which could positively affect the brain, eyes, skin, and even the whole body tissue. In addition to these high performance elements, the nutritional value of frozen food is completely inferior to fresh food.

The UK Chester University also open up detailed research to shoe with people the result that most of frozen should contain more nutrients than fresh fruits and vegetables. In frozen foods, the antioxidants and other elements should be better preserved, including vitamin C, polyphenols, anthocyanins, lutein and ¦Â- carotene. Modern medicine give people the conclude that antioxidants could help to fight cancer and have a positive impact on the overall function of people's body especially the brain, eyes and skin.

As frozen strawberries, vegetables and fruits which consumers have purchased in the supermarket, they often are not as fresh as consumer's imagination. Fresh appearance of these fruits and vegetables are often the trick of these businessmen.

Commonly, these fruits and vegetables placed on supermarket shelves have already been kept in the warehouse for a long period of time. After the consumer's purchasing for these fruits and vegetables, these consumers will have to put them in the refrigerator for saving a few days so that fresh vegetables and fruits, in fact, have lost a lot of valuable nutrients. However, frozen vegetables and fruits will be soon frozen after harvest. Therefore, they could be kept their high levels of vitamins and antioxidants.

According to other news from Daily Mail, British scientists also found that frozen vegetables and fruits often contain more valuable nutrients than the typically fresh fruits and vegetables.

For example, vitamin C and lutein of frozen broccoli are more than fresh one. The value of ¦Â-carotene in frozen cabbage should be four times of that in the fresh cabbager ( The lutein¦Â-carotene, vitamin C, and polyphenols in frozen carrots are much higher than them in the fresh carrots.

After reading for this article, each reader needs to change their former mind that the frozen fruits and vegetables are not as good as the fresh fruits and vegetables. However, the properly frozen process could help to save the valuable nutrition in these fruits and vegetables.


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